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PornBag Forum Rules
Welcome to PornBag Comunity

The owners, administrators, and moderators of PornBag reserve the right to delete, edit, move, or close any thread at any time for any reason.

The following rules are expected to be followed at all times. If you're caught breaking these rules, you could be warned, banned and even IP banned from the site.

Most important rules
  1. No underage pornogaphy/photography. All models to be 18+
  2. Bumping is not allowed.
  3. Members are not permitted to impersonate anyone such as a celebrity, model, porn star, etc.
  4. No languages other than English. This is an English only forum.
  5. No linking to other forums, no discussion of other forums by any means, that includes PMs too.
  6. Do not use file hosts for previews. An image host must be used for your screens.
  7. Make your titles clean, presentable and on the subject.
  8. Do not flood.
As a member you are a part of our community, and we encourage you to take part in the conversations, debates, and share what you want to share (within Posting Rules). However, we ask that all members treat each other with respect at all times.

Please maintain respect to all individuals on the board at all times. Please respect privacy of other memebers and non members alike. Do no post any private data no matter what it is.

We recommend using the following Picture Hosts
We're pleased you're here, and hope you enjoy our forum.

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